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What types of software can benefit from Touca the most?

Touca is very effective in addressing common problems in the following situations:

  • When we need to test our workflow with a large number of test cases with various characteristics.
  • When the output of our workflow is too complex, or too difficult to describe in our unit tests.
  • When interesting information to check for regression is not exposed through the interface of our workflow.

These workflows are difficult to unit test because unit testing requires hard-coding the test cases and their corresponding expected output. Maintaining unit tests for these workflows is also costly. We would need to adjust out test code every time our software requirements change.

Unlike unit testing, Touca only captures the actual behavior and performance of our workflow. This approach makes Touca test logic independent of our test cases so we can test our workflows with any number of test cases without changing our test code. Because we no longer need to explicitly hard-code expected values, we can use Touca data capturing functions anywhere within our code to track changes in important variables, even if they are not exposed in the output of our code under test.

What types of data can we capture as test results?

At the moment, we do not support comparing images, audio, video or external output files.

Touca SDKs have native support for primitive data types such as integers and floating point numbers, characters and string, arrays and maps. In addition, each SDK has out of the box support for specific data types commonly used in its respective programming language.

Touca SDKs also support custom user-defined types. Touca SDKs for Python and JavaScript offer this support out of the box. Other SDKs like C++ provide this support through an extensible type system. Consult with the documentation for each SDK to refer.

How many test cases can be declared for a test suite?

There is no fixed upper limit. Touca server can handle several thousands of test cases in a given Suite and several hundred thousands of keys in a test case. For best performance, we suggest that you keep the number of test cases in a Suite below one thousand. Refer to our Best Practices document to learn more.