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Manage Notifications

You can subscribe to a given suite to get notified of important events about it. These events include:

  • When a team member promotes a new version to baseline.
  • When a team member adds a note to a given version.
  • When a new version is submitted that is different from the baseline.

You can also configure your subscription to include notifications about new versions that match the behavior and performance of baseline version.

Touca Test Case Overview pageTouca Test Case Overview page

When a new version has differences compared to the baseline, the notification will include a summary of those differences. You can always click on "View Results" to inspect the differences on the Touca server.

Sample email when version has differencesSample email when version has differences

When someone on your team promotes a new version to baseline, the notification will include any note they may have written as justification.

Sample email when new version is promotedSample email when new version is promoted

Lastly, if you choose to receive notifications about all new versions, you may rely on emails from Touca as confirmation that a new version matches the baseline.

Sample email when version matches baselineSample email when version matches baseline