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Good First Issues

Are you thinking about contributing to Touca but don't really know where to start? This page lists a few good first projects that are relatively small in scope, have clear requirements, and don't need a deep understanding of how Touca works. We hope that you find at least one of them interesting enough to start contributing to Touca. If that's not the case, come say hi on Discord and ask us for a few more suggestions.

Touca Server

1. Allow user to manually toggle dark mode

Touca Web App, written in Angular, supports two light and dark modes. Currently, the web app follows the system preference to determine whether to use the dark mode. We would like to let users manually override this behavior and set preference through their profile page. The Web App should query this user preference and adjust the display mode accordingly.

JavaScript SDK

2. Split the SDK into separate packages

Currently, our JavaScript SDK comes in one single package @touca/node with dependencies on fs, path, http, https, and url node modules. This prohibits using the SDK in environments where node is not available. In addition, the SDK comes includes a test framework that is responsible for taking command line arguments and reporting the outcome of the test through the standard output. We rely on dependencies such as yargs and chalk to perform these operations.

We'd like to split @touca/node into packages @touca/core and @touca/cli and move the test framework and other extra SDK functionalities into the @touca/cli package, making @touca/core suitable for a variety of environments.


4. Create package recipe for ConanCenter

Most engineering teams using Touca for serious C++ projects simply clone a stable version of our C++ SDK and repackage it internally. This is, in part, because the C++ ecosystem does not have a universally adopted package manager, like npm or PyPI. Teams that have the luxury to be ahead of the curve use Conan or vcpkg. These are battle-tested package managers suitable for large complex codebases but also very relevant and convenient for smaller projects.

We like to make Touca available on Conan Center public package registry to make it easier for Conan users to try Touca. To do so, we'd need to add a recipe for Touca to the conan-center-index repository. The instructions to do so are well documented here. But we may also have to make changes to our own (which is here). In particular, we may need to improve how our CMake logic installs the libraries and links to its third-party dependencies.

5. Improve CMake logic for packaging

We are not using the standard CMake logic for packaging, exporting, installing, and finding the C++ library. This makes it difficult to package the library for publication to conan-center, vcpkg and other dependency management repositories. The goal of this ticket is to improve this CMake logic.

  • We should be able to export all CMake targets and install them in a touca:: CMake namespace.
  • We should write a CMake config file that allows us to find the library using CMake's find_* function.
  • We should be able to use CPack to package the C++ SDK.

Relevant Links:

Java SDK

6. Better way to run example

Our Java Examples in examples/java and sdk/java directories are defined as standalone applications. Unlike JUnit tests that are in often placed in the src/testdirectory of a given library/package, Touca tests live outside the library in a separate examples directory. This is unintuitive. But we are no Java or Gradle experts and simply didn't know any better. If you have ideas on how to fix this, please have at it.

Because of this directory layout, we reference these Java examples in settings.gradle.kts and have separate build.gradle.kts files for each example. Each build file has a JavaExec task like below:

task<JavaExec>("runExampleMinimal") {
main = "io.touca.examples.minimal.PrimeTest"
classpath = sourceSets["main"].runtimeClasspath

This way, we can run the example application using the following command:

gradle runExampleMinimal --args='--api-key <TOUCA_API_KEY> --api-url <TOUCA_API_URL> --revision 1.0 --testcase 13'

Note that we are using gradle here instead of gradlew so we can run the task and pass the appropriate command line arguments. Very ugly. Yuck! There must be a better way. We don't know it yet, but maybe you do. The first task for this issue is to figure out how to improve this setup. The second task is to actually implement it and convert the existing examples to the new pattern accordingly. We should also update all getting started documents and markdown files in examples directory as part of this work.

Community Contributions

The following tasks were once listed on this page as Good First Issues and are now marked as done thanks to contributions from members of the Touca community.