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Testing is the bottleneck in the software development lifecycle. It is estimated that 85% of enterprise software is still tested manually. Manual testing results in long feedback cycles for developers that hinder their productivity. On average, it takes 23 days for software engineers to gain confidence that a given code change has no side-effects.

Existing software test automation solutions are slow and inefficient because they are designed for use by QA engineers who work separately from the development team. There is a disconnect between what these products provide (“Is this version correct?”) and what development teams need to stay productive (“Is this version as well as before?”). To fill this gap, engineering teams resort to building in-house solutions that are costly to maintain and not generic enough to be reusable.

Touca provides near real-time feedback when engineers write code that could break their software. It remotely compares the behavior and performance of new software versions against a previous trusted version and report differences in near real-time to help engineers fix regressions before they become costly. Touca offloads most of the work to a remote server to make regression testing with Touca an easier and cheaper alternative to maintaining in-house solutions.

Touca Server