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Touca CLI

Touca CLI helps you run tests, manage your local test results and submit them to the Touca server.


Touca CLI is part of the Touca Python SDK. It is available on PyPI and can be installed with pip or Homebrew.

pip install touca

Supported Commands

Touca CLI supports the following commands:

touca helpLearn how to use different commands
touca configManage your active configuration profile
touca profileCreate and manage configuration profiles
touca loginSet API credentials from the CLI
touca checkSubmit external test output to Touca server
touca testRun your Touca tests
touca resultsManage local test results
touca serverInstall and manage your Touca server
touca pluginInstall and manage custom CLI plugins
touca runRun tests on a dedicated test server
touca versionCheck your Touca CLI version

Getting Help

You can run touca help to get this list. You can also use help with any subcommand to learn about its supported options and arguments.

Checking the CLI Version

You can run touca version to check what version of Touca CLI you are using. This command prints a warning if the version of your CLI is different from the latest available version.