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Managing Plugins

CLI Command

touca plugin --help
usage: touca plugin [-h] {new,add,list,rm} ...

Install and manage custom CLI plugins

positional arguments:
new Create a new plugin
add Install a plugin
ls List available plugins
rm Uninstall a plugin

Touca CLI is extensible. You can write your custom plugin and then install them as a subcommand for touca:

$ touca plugin new example

The above command creates an with the following placeholder content:

from touca.cli.common import CliCommand

class ExampleToucaCliPlugin(CliCommand):
name = "example"
help = "Brief description of this plugin"

def run(self):
print(f"Hello world!")

You can edit this to implement your custom logic, then use touca plugin add to install it as a user-defined plugin.

$ touca plugin add

The above command copies the module to the ~/.touca/plugins directory. You can use touca plugin ls to verify this by listing all the installed user plugins:

$ touca plugin ls

Name Description
1 example Brief description of this plugin

If you no longer need a plugin, you can use touca plugin rm to remove it from the plugins directory:

$ touca plugin rm example

Official Plugins

Touca CLI comes with the following plugins:

demoDownloads sample test results for the example used in the Getting Started tutorial

You can install these plugins by prefixing plugins:// to the plugin name:

touca plugin add plugins://demo