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Free plan

Touca has a free and open-source edition, ideal for individuals and very small businesses. You can sign up for free (no credit card required) on our managed cloud instance at and go through our self-serve onboarding to get started with Touca. You could also self-host your own Touca server OSS edition using docker compose. We also offer a Helm Chart to help you deploy Touca to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

💡 How is Touca Cloud different from self-hosted instances?
  • Touca Cloud is fully managed. We maintain and upgrade this instance to provide the most convenience for customers and the best experience for users.
  • Touca Cloud has a different architecture to provide highest availability, and maximum scalability. We use AWS services like S3, DocumentDB, and Elasticache to provide reliable infrastructure for handling the most demanding use-cases. In contrast, self-hosted instances of Touca server use off-the-shelf Minio, MongoDB, and Redis docker containers that are less scalable and require periodic maintenance to manage disk space, etc.

Teams plan

Touca offers a team plan, priced at $25/seat/month, ideal for small startups and engineering teams at large companies. This tier allows teams to share their test results with each other and work together to investigate and manage differences. Benefits include:

  • Member Management: Invite your colleagues to your team to give them shared access to the submitted test results. Give select team members administrator privileges to help you manage users and test results.
  • Collaboration: Let team members comment on test result versions, claim responsibility for regressions in a given version, and share their reasoning when approving new differences.
  • Insights: Leverage our analytics engine to extract high-level insights about individual test cases.

Enterprise plan

Touca has an Enterprise edition, starting at $1000/month, suitable for businesses who would like to use Touca across multiple engineering team or who may have special security or data privacy needs. Benefits include:

  • Security: Use an isolated single-tenant instance of Touca, with similar features and scalable infrastructure as our managed cloud instance.
  • Services: We offer priority support, monthly office hours, and full management and upkeep of your Touca instance, whether you are self-hosting it or using our cloud infrastructure.
  • No limits: Create any number of teams, invite any number of members to each team.
  • Custom contracts: We work with your accounting and procurement team to accommodate special requests to the best of our abilities.

JumpStart Program

We onboard all paying customers through a free one-week JumpStart program. For half a day, we work closely with one of your engineers to set up and integrate Touca, then stand by for the rest of the week to help however is needed and answer any questions.

Priority Support

We work closely with teams on our Enterprise plan to ensure Touca is always operating smoothly, resolve operational issues as fast as possible, and answer any questions throughout the process.

Special Discounts

  • Touca offers all Techstars companies 80% discount for 1 year on our Enterprise plan. Redeem through the Techstars Perks Portal.
  • Touca offers all BETA.MN companies 80% discount for 1 year on our Enterprise plan. Send us an email to redeem.