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Touca is free and open-source. You can sign up on our managed cloud instance at and go through our self-serve onboarding to get started with Touca. You could also self-host your own Touca server using docker compose. We also offer a Helm Chart to help you deploy Touca to a Kubernetes cluster on AWS.

💡 How is Touca Cloud different from self-hosted instances?
  • Touca Cloud is fully managed. We maintain and upgrade this instance to provide the most convenience and offer the best experience for users.
  • Touca Cloud has a different architecture to provide highest availability, and maximum scalability. We use AWS services like S3, DocumentDB, and Elasticache to provide reliable infrastructure for handling the most demanding use-cases. In contrast, self-hosted instances of Touca server use off-the-shelf Minio, MongoDB, and Redis docker containers that are less scalable and require periodic maintenance to manage disk space, etc.