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Low Level CLI

Touca C++ SDK ships with a low-level command-line tool touca_cli that lets you view local touca binary archives and compare them with each other. This command-line tool can be built by passing --with-cli when using the script or by passing the -DTOUCA_BUILD_CLI flag when invoking cmake.

git clone
cd trytouca/sdk/cpp
./ --with-cli

The build script generates a touca_cli executable in the ./local/dist/bin directory relative to the sdk/cpp directory. You can install this executable for easier access from any working directory.

sudo cmake --install local/build

On most Unix systems, this command installs the executable to /usr/local/bin.

Supported Operations

touca_cli supports two different operations. You can select the operational mode by passing the appropriate mode as an argument to touca_cli. Each mode has its own set of command line options and arguments. Use the argument --help to obtain the list of supported options for each mode.

touca_cli view --help

Viewing Result Files

You can use --mode=view that prints a JSON representation of the content of a given Touca result file.

touca_cli view --src "path/to/some_file"

Comparing Result Files

You can use --mode=compare to compare the captured data between two binary result files.

touca_cli compare --src "path/to/some_file" --dst "path/to/another_file"