Changelog 22.08.26

This week, we added support for automatic versioning, shipped a Helm chart and manifest files for Touca, and started deep work on changing Touca server architecture to make progress on the most requested features.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Aug 27, 2022
2 Min

Happy Friday! Here's a recap of what we shipped this week. But first:

We are excited to share that this week, Mohajer, an active contributor to Touca, started working with us full-time for two weeks. Welcome Mohajer!

Automatic Versioning

You can now skip passing --revision when running touca test from the command line. When --revision is not specified, Touca Python SDK automatically uses the next version increment of the most recent submitted version for each test suite.

Helm Chart and Manifest Files

You can now use our official Helm chart to self-host an instance of Touca to an AWS Kubernetes cluster. We also provided a default static configuration file that can be installed via kubectl:

This is Ehsan’s first major contribution to Touca after joining us last week. Great work, Ehsan!

We’ll use this Helm chart internally at Touca but decided to publish it in our open-source repository here, along with our Kubernetes manifest files. If this feature is a topic of interest to you, we’d love to talk to you and hear more. Please come say hi on our Discord community.

Experimental Comparison Service

We have finally started working on the really hard problems at Touca, solving which would enable supporting the most requested features such as custom comparison rules, key-based comparison, real-time on-demand comparison, improved visualization of differences, and grouping captured data points.

Supporting all these popular features requires making fundamental changes to the Touca Server architecture. We are finally taking on this challenge. For a start, we are replacing the external Touca Comparator service (written in C++ and running asynchronously) with a build-in module that runs as part of the Touca server main logic. This change will enable Touca to finally become a superior first-class alternative to Snapshot Testing.

This is a work in progress so we will share more about this project next week once we roll it out to select customers.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Server: Release v1.5.0 (notes)
  • Python SDK: Release v1.5.7 (notes)
  • Docs: Update paths to API Reference docs for all SDK

Thanks for reading! Did you know we have a Discord community? Come say hi. We'd love to make friends with you.

Other Articles

This week, we were in Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate the completion of our Techstars accelerator program, and to take the stage to showcase Touca at Techstars Demo Day.

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