See the side effects of your changes, as you write code.

Continuously test your software workflows to find the true impact of any code change during development.

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Canon Medical Informatics

We released our open-source Touca SDK for Java last week.Check it out on GitHub

It takes 23 days for software engineers to gain confidence that a given code change works as they expect.

Touca reduces this to minutes.

1.Describe the behavior and performance of your workflow

Use our open-source SDKs to capture values of variables and runtime of functions, for any number of test cases, from anywhere within your code.

import touca

def is_prime(testcase: str):
  touca.add_result("output", is_prime(int(testcase)))

if __name__ == "__main__":

2.See how your description compares against your baseline

We remotely compare your description against a previous trusted version of your software and report differences in near real-time.

AcmeTax Calculator2.0

Hi Bob,

A new version v2.0 was submitted for suite Tax Calculator.

We compared this version against v1.0 (baseline). We found no differences between common test cases. There were no new or missing test cases.

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3.Work as a team to fix discovered regressions

Receive notifications when differences are found. Work together to resolve or justify them. Maintain a shared understanding of how your software works and is supposed to work.

AcmeTax Calculator5.0

Hi Bob,

Alice Anderson promoted version v5.0 of suite Tax Calculator as the new baseline. All subsequent versions will now be compared against version v5.0. They provided the following reason for this change.

Changed the logic to include child tax credit. Differences for test case rweaseley are expected.

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4.Continuously run Touca tests at any scale

Automate the execution of your tests, locally or as part of your build pipeline, or on a dedicated test server; however you like, whenever you like. We give you real-time feedback, when you need it.

Touca Test Framework
Suite: acme/tax-calculator
Version: 6.0

 (  1 of 5  ) Joseph Buquet      (pass, 118 ms)
 (  2 of 5  ) Christine Daaé     (pass, 97  ms)
 (  3 of 5  ) Raoul de Chagny    (pass, 132 ms)
 (  4 of 5  ) Marius Pontmercy   (pass, 50  ms)
 (  5 of 5  ) Jean Valjean       (pass, 640 ms)

Processed 5 of 5 testcases
Test completed in 1062 ms

Built for the Enterprise

Touca started as an internal tool at a medical software company to find regressions in low-level components of a mission-critical product.

Ben Jackson, Principal Software Engineer at Canon Medical Informatics
Ben Jackson
Principal Software Engineer
Canon Medical Informatics

"We use Touca to perform nightly regression tests of our critical workflows. When we make changes to complex software, we need to have confidence that there have been no unexpected consequences. Touca gives us that confidence by tracking millions of output values computed from thousands of input datasets and helping us understand exactly how those outputs have changed from one build to the next. That confidence gives us leverage to develop new features faster and with fewer problems."

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