Changelog 22.08.12

This week, we shipped transparent telemetry, improved session management on the Touca server, a better post sub-command in our Python CLI, and 7 more improvements.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Aug 13, 2022
2 Min

Happy Friday! Here's a recap of what we shipped this week.

Transparent Telemetry

To motivate you to keep telemetry on when self-hosting Touca, we redesigned our install wizard to include a sample payload of the privacy-friendly aggregate usage data that we'd collect when telemetry is on.

You can still disable telemetry using the Telemetry tab from the settings page:

We would never collect any information other than what is shown on this page.

Improved API Client Session Management

Running Touca tests as part of the CI on a fixed nightly schedule is now much more stable, thanks to one of our long-time users. He found a bug in the session management component of the Touca Server that caused data submission to fail intermittently (once every few days) in scenarios where Touca tests were run every day at a particular time. He had also proposed a fix that allowed us to fix this issue overnight. Thank you, Zach!

Checkout the description of this pull request if you like to learn more.

Better Python CLI post sub-command

Thanks to open-source contributions from @mmdbalkhi, Touca CLI post sub-command is now more intuitive to use. Here's a summary of the improvements:

  • touca post no longer expects merged files
  • touca post --dry-run now produces a more helpful output
  • touca post now respects your configuration profile
  • Passing --api-key and --api-url is now optional for touca post
  • touca post now accepts the path to the test results directory as a positional argument

Other fixes and improvements

  • We separate our weekly changelog posts from our blog posts. They are now available at
  • We made various improvements to our documentation website, including adding a contribution guide and a list of good first issues for new open-source contributors.
  • Python CLI: Update supported options for profile sub-command
  • Python CLI: Replace sub-command solve with server
  • Python CLI: Remove loguru as a dependency
  • Server: Make teams page width consistent with other pages
  • Server: Move flatbuffers schema definition to separate package

Other news

This week, one of our long-time community members started working at Touca as a contract software engineer to improve our cloud infrastructure and the deployment process for our paying customers. We are super excited to have him. Welcome aboard! 🤗🍾🥂

We are also pleased to welcome mmdbalkhi and depthdeluxe as new contributors.

Thanks for reading! Did you know we have a Discord community? Come say hi. We'd love to make friends with you.

Other Articles

This week, we were in Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate the completion of our Techstars accelerator program, and to take the stage to showcase Touca at Techstars Demo Day.

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This week, we added support for submitting sample test results to any empty team, enhanced support for comparing binary files, and shipped 5 smaller improvements.

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Sep 24, 2022

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