Changelog 21.08.25

A new JavaScript SDK, refreshed example projects, merged views, Google authentication, improved account settings page, and 7 more improvements.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Aug 25, 2021
4 Min

August is not over yet but we could not wait to share all the new features and improvements we have been working on.

Touca SDK for JavaScript

We released the first version of our open-source JavaScript SDK last week.

Sample code for testing an is_prime function with Touca SDK for Node.js
Our JavaScript SDK has a high-level API similar to Jest, that lets you write tests, without hard-coding inputs and expect values.

If you have a few minutes, we'd love for you to read our announcement post that introduces the high-level API of our SDK, walks you through how it works, and shows how you can use it to describe the behavior and performance of software workflows in Node.js applications.

You can find our SDK on GitHub and follow any of its tutorials in the examples directory to get started in minutes!

Refreshed Example Projects

To make it easier to get started with Touca, we significantly improved/rewrote our examples repository and the examples directories of our SDK repositories. We designed each example as a hands-on tutorial that lets readers understand how Touca works through using it.

GitHub - trytouca/examples: Collection of sample test applications that showcase how to use Touca Client Libraries
Collection of sample test applications that showcase how to use Touca Client Libraries - GitHub - trytouca/examples: Collection of sample test applications that showcase how to use Touca Client Lib...

Please share your ideas on how to further improve the documentation of our open-source repositories.

Merged Views

We heard feedback from one of our current users that checking changes in the overall runtime of different versions requires switching tabs which is annoying. We agreed that separating the trends tab was premature and redesigned the suite overview page so that the runtime trend is shown beside other information.

Similarly, we merged the "Comments" tab in the version overview page into the main "Test Cases" tab.

A screenshot of Touca Server's "Version Page".
Touca's "Version Page" now provides most recent comments alongside other important information about a given version.

Google Authentication

We introduced a Signup with Google option as an authentication method that helps you login to the Touca server without using a password.

This small addition significantly simplifies the onboarding workflow, skipping email validation and profile updating steps. Users who signup with Google land straight into the product with a single click.

Secret Feature: If you already have an account, you can use the "Sign up with Google" button just to login.

Screenshot of Touca Server's main signup form.
We added a Signup with Google Button to the login forms.

Note: This feature is not available in the self-hosted versions of the Touca server.

Improved Personal Profile

The "Account Settings" page, now shows all the personal information Touca stores about you, including your name, username, and email address. We also rolled out two new sections "Preferences" and "Experimental Features" that let you customize your experience.

Customize your experience by changing preferences and enabling newly released experimental features.

In the coming months, we will add more options and parameters to these sections.

Other Fixes and Improvements

The following is a list of other user-facing improvements we've shipped this month. Thank you all for your feedback, feature requests, and bug reports.

  • Core: Show cancel button when comment editor is open
  • Core: Fix first login attempt when populating form with LastPass
  • Core: Update runtime chart when user switches between suites
  • Python: Core python module should not depend on dataclasses
  • Python: Fix incorrect serialization of Iterable types
  • C++: Support environment variables TOUCA_API_URL and TOUCA_TEST_VERSION
  • Core: Improve styling of insights in each row, across all pages

Upcoming Features

We are working on the following features and improvements, in order of their tentative release date.

  • Rewrite Touca documentation website
  • Release first version of a formal GitHub Actions plugin
  • Roll out a new landing page
  • Release first version of Java SDK
  • Add new tab for managing Test Cases from the Touca Server
  • Release first version of Slack Integration
  • Publish C++ SDK on the public Conan Package Index

Asking for Feedback

What should we be prioritizing? What is the one feature that can significantly increase Touca's value for you? Let us know how we make Touca more useful to you.

Other Articles

This week, we were in Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate the completion of our Techstars accelerator program, and to take the stage to showcase Touca at Techstars Demo Day.

Oct 15, 2022

This week, we added support for submitting sample test results to any empty team, enhanced support for comparing binary files, and shipped 5 smaller improvements.

Oct 8, 2022

This week we shipped support for image visualization, programmatic testcase declaration, ability to capture external files and standard streams as test results, and 7 smaller improvements.

Oct 1, 2022

This week, we shipped a much improved JavaScript SDK, a better getting started guide, and a new stable version of Touca Server.

Sep 24, 2022

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