Touca presents at CppCon 2021

Touca will be at CppCon 2021 in Aurora, CO. Pejman Ghorbanzade will give a main program talk titled "Building an Extensible Type Serialization System Using Partial Template Specialization" on Friday, October 29th.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Sep 29, 2021
2 Min

Going to CppCon 2021? We'll be on-site in Aurora, Colorado for the entire week and would love to speak with you!

Catch Pejman Ghorbanzade's talk titled "Building an Extensible Type Serialization System Using Partial Template Specialization" on Friday, October 29th. We use this type serialization system in our C++ SDK to capture variables with user-defined types and to remotely compare them without any loss of precision.

This talk will be live-streamed to online attendees and a recording will be publicly available along with other main program presentations.

CppCon 2021: Building an Extensible Type Serializatio...
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Throughout the conference, Pejman will be giving private product demos to interested members of the C++ community. Whether you are a current user of Touca, or you are just curious to learn how Touca works, we'd love to meet you and chat about ways to build and maintain software at scale.

CppCon is the annual, week-long gathering for the entire C++ community. The conference is organized by the C++ community for the community. Taking place this year online and in Aurora, Colorado, near the Denver airport, and including multiple diverse tracks, the conference will appeal to anyone from C++ novices to experts.

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