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Touca client libraries are available open-source and are released under a permissive Apache-2 license. Touca server is offered in two cloud-hosted and self-hosted formats, the latter is only available for customers on our Enterprise plan. Touca cloud-hosted instance is available at and is offered under three pricing plans:

Free Plan

Our Free plan is tailored to individuals and small engineering teams to use or evaluate our services, free of charge and without using a credit card. Users creating an account on are automatically assigned to this plan.

Users on our Free plan can create any number of teams and invite up to 4 other members to those teams. Each team can host any number of suites with any number of test cases. However, it is not possible to submit more than 50 versions to these suites in any given billing cycle. To maintain our high quality service and prevent potential abuse, the test results submitted for each version is retained only for up to 1 month.

Pro Plan

Our Pro plan is tailored to larger teams and is designed to adapt to their needs as they scale their product. It allows you to create teams with up to 20 members. It also enables submission of up to 500 versions each month. The submitted test results can be retained for up to 2 years, configurable for each suite.

Customers on our Pro plan have full access to our Server API that allows them to develop scripts that implement extra functionality based on their unique requirements.

Our Pro plan includes a wide range of professional services of up to 4 hours a week, at no extra charge. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrate Touca client libraries with your codebase.
  • Consult and assist in development of regression tests.
  • Streamline automation and scheduling of the test execution.
  • Update continuous integration workflows to include test execution.
  • Provide training sessions on development and automation of Touca tests.
  • Hold weekly office hours to answer any questions.
  • Develop custom features to make Touca work for you.

Enterprise Plan


Customers on our Enterprise plan can self-host the Touca server if they wish to do so.

Starting at $1000 per month, our Enterprise Plan allows you to self-host the Touca server in your own infrastructure, if you choose to do so. You can create any number of teams and suites with no limit on the number of submitted versions and their test results. You can also set custom data retention policies for the submitted test results.

Similar to the Pro plan, our Enterprise plan includes a wide range of optional professional services, rendered upon demand for up to 8 hours a week and at no extra cost. These services include all the professional services listed in our Pro plan, as well as the following:

  • Deploy, maintain, and upgrade your self-hosted instance.
  • Setup a private cloud-hosted instance with exclusive access.