Product Update

Product Updates - November 2021

An all around new server UI, a simplified C++ API for serialization of user-defined types, a built-in CLI for Python SDK, a new SDK versioning strategy, and 8 more user-facing improvements.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Dec 3, 2021
3 Min

Happy Decem-brrrr! Here is a summary of what we shipped in November.

Improved Server User Interface

We've extended the layout and styling of our new Team Page UI to every page. This prepares us for the rollout of two upcoming features: a whole new page for reviewing the overall performance and flakiness of your test cases, and dark mode which has been one of your most common requests for so long.

We've also delivered noticeable performance improvements in your everyday workflow. Our benchmarking shows 20% faster loading of suites with large number of test cases, thanks to pre-fetching and pre-caching of results for new versions.

Simplified Type Serialization API for C++

We released v1.5.0 of our C++ SDK today. This major update is the result of nearly two months of development and resolves significant technical debt in our most dated, most popular SDK. While v1.5.0 produces binary compatible test results and can work with older server instances, it boasts a new API for serialization of user-defined types.

Built-in Python CLI

In September, we shipped Touca Wrench, a utility CLI for managing archive files of Touca enterprise users. We've now merged this tool into our Python SDK.

We are planning to significantly expand the feature set of this command-line tool to cover a wide range of every day use-cases. For start, we're working to enable posting local text files and the standard output of any application using the CLI and without the need to write a test tool.

Consistent SDK Versioning Strategy

We've switched from independent semver-style versions for Touca SDKs to a unified versioning model that identifies the binary and API compatibility in each SDK version. Going forward:

  • SDKs with the same major versions are guaranteed to be binary compatible.
  • Versions of any SDK with the same minor version are API compatible.

Since our public launch in May, we've never changed the underlying binary schema for Touca test results. This strategy makes it easier for us to modify the underlying binary schema in future SDK versions while still supporting older test results on the Touca server.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Server: Show API Key as secret across all pages
  • Server: Remove all third-party scripts from self-hosted instances
  • Server: Update sample test results bundle
  • Server: Replace Intercom with custom help widget on cloud-hosted instance
  • Server: Fix missing disk space information from platform settings page
  • C++ SDK: Allow passing multiple test cases from command line
  • C++ SDK: Remove legacy configuration options for submitting results
  • JavaScript SDK: Remove calling arguments from help output

Asking for Feedback

What is the one feature that can significantly increase Touca's value for you? Let us know how we can make Touca more useful to you.

Thank you for using Touca!

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