Changelog 22.06.17

A new Pyton CLI sub-command for using custom commands, support for human-readable data retention duration, better navigation on small screens, and 6 more bugfixes and improvements

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Jun 18, 2022
2 Min

Happy Friday! We have moved our headquarter to California! This week, we were back at work improving Touca and fixing various user-reported usability issues. Here is a shortlist:

Python CLI Plugin Subcommand

We've added a new touca plugin sub-command to our Python CLI that allows users to register their own sub-commands to the CLI so they can call them like any other built-in sub-command.

Human Readable Data Retention Duration

We used to support custom data retention duration for each suite. But the value for this parameter had to be given as number of weeks which was not intuitive. This week, we made changes to support human-readable interval values such as "2 months, 3 days, 1 hour".

Better Navigation on Small Screens

We improved Touca web app layout on small screens to allow users to switch between their teams, or switch between the tabs within the page using two drop-down menus on top of the screen.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed "Team Not Found" page shown after team deletion
  • Fixed misleading error incorrectly shown after suite creation
  • Fixed broken button in server settings page for toggling telemetry feature
  • Updated Pricing Page to reflect that self-hosting Touca is now free
  • Added link to our Discord community to the help component
  • Upgrade Touca Comparator dependency on aws-sdk-cpp

Other news

Back in May, Pejman Ghorbanzade presented at the Chicago Java User Group about Continuous Regression Testing in Java. The video of this presentation is now available on YouTube. Slides are available in html and pdf.

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts? Is there something you'd like us to work on next week? Join our Discord community and let us know!

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