Changelog 22.04.08

We improved our self-hosted offering by adding a post-install configuration wizard, making telemetry opt-in, and changing the default role of team members to admin.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Apr 9, 2022
2 Min

Happy Friday! This week's Changelog is all about simplifying the self-hosted instances of Touca.

Post-Install Configuration Wizard

We added a configuration wizard that helps users perform basic server configuration after installing a new self-hosted instance of Touca. You will only see this wizard once, when you have just deployed a new Touca server.

Self-hosted instances now come with a post-install configuration wizard

Opt-in Telemetry

As you may have noticed in the above installation wizard, we now ask you if you consent to collection of aggregate usage statistics. We also added a new tab to Server Settings to let you update your preference.

You can now control usage telemetry from Server Settings page

Changed default user role to admin

On self-hosted instances, new users invited to your team are now administrators by default. This change makes life easier for memebrs of small teams since they don't need to ask for permission for performing actions such as deleting Suites.

New team members on self-hosted instances are now administrators by default

Other changes and improvements

We also fixed a few small bugs:

  • Server: Fixed recent regression that prevented users from inviting new members to their team
  • Server: Clip long texts in User Agent column in Active Sessions tab on Safari
  • Server: Improve page load time for suites with more than 1000 versions

Upcoming events

Next week, April 13, 2022, Pejman Ghorbanzade will be speaking at the Denver Java User Group on the role of continuous regression testing in improving developer productivity. This event will be live streamed on YouTube.

Other Articles

We merged the source-code for all our SDKs into the Touca monorepo, added Python CLI support for multiple configuration files, and made 6 more fixes and usability improvements.

Apr 30, 2022

Software engineers are stereotyped as socially awkward introverts obsessed with writing code. This false perception has hurt our industry, resulting in so much gatekeeping against age, gender, and career background. This article explores why this stereotype exists and why we should break it.

Apr 11, 2022

We wrote a script that helps you setup a self-hosted instance using a single command, added a new settings tab to help you review and manage your active user sessions, and significantly improved the infrastructure of our cloud-managed instance.

Apr 2, 2022

We added a new tab to report server health metrics, improved Python CLI to support multiple configuration profiles, redesigned our Blog, and started a Discord Community.

Mar 26, 2022

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