Changelog 22.03.18

We consolidated our open-source repositories, made more of our code open-source, added config command to our Python CLI, and shipped major improvements to our Settings Page.

Pejman Ghorbanzade
Pejman Ghorbanzade
Mar 19, 2022
2 Min

Happy Friday! Who's ready for the Spring? 🌸

Unified Open-Source Repository

We consolidated our open-source repositories. The code for our various client libraries, documentation website, and example projects are now all in one place.

GitHub - trytouca/trytouca: Batteries-included continuous regression testing that you can self-host.
Batteries-included continuous regression testing that you can self-host. - GitHub - trytouca/trytouca: Batteries-included continuous regression testing that you can self-host.

Wondering why? We are in the process of open-sourcing much of Touca, starting with our marketing website. We want everyone to be able to self-host Touca, read its source code, see how it works, and make changes and contributors if they like to. We'll share more about this transition next week.

If you are on board with our plan, we'd appreciate it if you gave this brand new repository a star.

Python CLI Configuration File

We are continuing our work to make it easier to locally run your tests from the command-line, adding a new touca config command that lets you create a local profile and store and reuse configuration parameters like api-key and api-url that seldom change.

Python CLI now supports using a configuration file

Redesigned Settings Page

We made major improvements to the Account Settings page to accomodate the new settings that we are adding for controling various aspects of your experince with the Touca server.

Server settings are now merged into Settings page

If you are self-hosting Touca, you will notice a "Platform Settings" section whose content were previously shown in a separate page. You will also notice a new "Mail" tab that allows you to configure SMPT settings through the user interface.

Other fixes and improvements

Thank you Hooman and Kenneth for your feedback:

  • Forms to create a suite or a team now give visual feedback based on user input
  • JavaScript sample projects now use new format for CLI output
  • Link to expand values with user-defined types now looks similar to a button

Other Articles

We merged the source-code for all our SDKs into the Touca monorepo, added Python CLI support for multiple configuration files, and made 6 more fixes and usability improvements.

Apr 30, 2022

Software engineers are stereotyped as socially awkward introverts obsessed with writing code. This false perception has hurt our industry, resulting in so much gatekeeping against age, gender, and career background. This article explores why this stereotype exists and why we should break it.

Apr 11, 2022

We improved our self-hosted offering by adding a post-install configuration wizard, making telemetry opt-in, and changing the default role of team members to admin.

Apr 9, 2022

We wrote a script that helps you setup a self-hosted instance using a single command, added a new settings tab to help you review and manage your active user sessions, and significantly improved the infrastructure of our cloud-managed instance.

Apr 2, 2022

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